Seeing photos of the back of your own eyes is pretty cool.


do I focus on the long arm or shit yourself


do I focus on the long arm or shit yourself

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First Star Attempt by North Sky Photography

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   My name is Wesley James Lock I’m an artist and an aspiring biologist living on the west coast of Florida. For as long as I can remember I have loved two things, art, and animals. I started studying both from a very young age and my dream has always been to make a career out of it. Unfortunately I dropped out of school for personal and health reasons and recently had to quit my job as well. I had been working construction for the last couple years but kept getting injured and just can’t do it anymore. 

   I can still make art, and want to bring back to life my dream of making it as a wildlife illustrator. I’d love to start selling prints and doing commissions again to bring myself back into it. 

  If you like my work and are interested in buying or commissioning a piece please send me a message, or if you would be kind enough to share this I’d greatly appreciate it.

 I work in a wide range of budgets and always enjoy a challenge. Thank you for taking the time to read this, be well <3 


Alright guys I give up. I’m gonna go crawl into a hole and cease to exist, Wes is better than me at all things. Seriously, he’s basically the new Steven Irwin and at the same time a stupendous artist. If you are following me and you aren’t following him, your priorities are in the wrong place.

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"Getting intimate with a curious olive sea snake"

Sea snakes have highly potent venom, but are rear-fanged and usually reluctant to bite. Sea snakes have been described as rather docile in their natural habitat and are only erratic or aggressive when taken out of the water. While they do have to surface frequently for air, sea snakes are almost completely aquatic, except for a few species which lay their eggs on land. They also have photoreceptors on their tails which they use to help them hide, as they can sense if any light is hitting their bodies.

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I spend so much time alone that if I was ever falsely accused for a crime I would never have an alibi


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There’s good fanfiction and then there’s fanfiction that I’d sell my soul to for regular updates

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That moment when you’re reading a fic and your OTP finally hooks up


That gif is literally perfect

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daniel radcliffe is a treasure to be protected

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i probably shouldn’t quote this bit as often as I do

this is one of my favorite jokes ever

no really


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